Ermitaj Malin long-term permaculture internship mentored by Pascal Depienne

You are already involved in permaculture and you want to go further on it ?

You are looking for a place to practice, experience, learn and share about it ?

You are looking forward to get your Permaculture Design Diploma?

Ermitaj Malin gives you the opportunity :

 – To develop and put your permaculture skills in action in a land of 8 hectares in a rural area,
– To experience everyday life in a community in search of autonomy,
– To participate in creating a center for research, experimentation and teaching on Permaculture,
– To benefit the mentorship of Pascal Depienne during 2 years, leading to the Diploma of Permaculture Design, that gives one professional recognition as a permaculture designer and consultant!

And all that … free of any financial aspect!

What we ask you:

– To be bilingual Romanian / English or Romanian / French
– To have already followed a PDC or commit to pass it within 2 years
– Te be generous, brave, flexible, open-minded, wanting to learn, experiment, and share
To be present at Ermitaj at least the equivalent of one month (5 days / week) per season during 2 years (ie 4 x approximately 23 days a year, which we will schedule together according to the availability of each, and the needs of the project), and work in there approximately 6 hours / day (according to the seasons).
To help us in the daily tasks in Ermitaj (which can include: gardening, cooking and food-processing, cleaning and maintaining the commons, eco-construction, organization of events and reception of visitors, assistance in administrative procedures in Romanian, help in the care of Philippe’s disease,…)
– To adhere to our ethical values and daily life rules
– To have a personal insurance in case of problems (Liability insurance)


Send us your CV and a motivation letter to:
If your profile suits us you will be asked (max 5 persons) to take part in the Permaculture initiation weekend organized in Ermitaj on 30/09 and 1/10 with Pascal Depienne, and to prepare for this occasion a part of the course that you will present yourself to the participants.

We will retain a maximum of two persons for the internship.

We will develop the collective design of the internship and the mentorship all together, with Pascal Depienne, on October 2 and 3.

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