Activities & hiking with our donkeys

Ermitaj would not be Ermitaj without his donkeys!

In the equine family, we present to you: Ciuc, Sanda and Camelia!


Coline and Rémy discovered donkeys when they arrived in Ermitaj for the first time, in 2015.

Soon, they became in love with them, and decided to learn as much as possible in order to offer them the best conditions of life, as well as education and appropriate care.

They followed, in Belgium, trainings which allowed them to know better the work with the donkeys:
– a training, followed with practice, about asine traction (agricultural work on animal traction with donkeys),
– two formations in asinotherapy, therapy with donkeys! We would like to offer you different activities around donkeys.

Discovering the donkeys.

During an afternoon or a weekend, alone or with your children, we invite you to spend some time with our 3 big-eared friends! It will be an opportunity to feed them, learn to interact with them, brush them, clean their hooves, and go for a walk in the area with them.

Hiking with donkeys

We propose hiking in an exceptionally preserved environment: it becomes rare, nowadays, to walk 5 whole days without crossing a single asphalted road … Around Ermitaj, it is still possible!

We suggest you to walk the green hills and the flowery plains of Transylvania, with our donkeys, who will carry the necessary equipment and supplies, as well as a guide who will show you the way.

According to your abilities and your desires, we offer you a customised formula:

  • The duration can range from half a day to 7 days.
  • Accommodation and meals are either at homestay, in small villages that we will cross, either in bivouac (camping). It is also possible to return each evening to stay at Ermitaj.
  • The itinerary will be adapted to your physical abilities and the presence or not of children.
  • Depending on the size of the group (from 2 to 15 people), you will hike with one or more of our donkeys.

Interested? Contact us to communicate your desires, and we will make you a proposal adapted to your situation!

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