Next event maintained: 

Due to the current health crisis, we have decided to cancel almost all our events until Autumn… Here was our agenda: 

Spring 2020:

  • From April 25 to 26: spring claca – let’s get ready with the garden!
  • From May 9 to 10: weekend on wild edible plants (in Romanian language)
  • From May 23 to 24: weekend of introduction to permaculture (in Romanian language)
  • From May 24 to 27: week of volunteering around permaculture
  • From May 28 to 31: design method course in permaculture (in Romanian language)

Summer 2020:

  • From June 20 to 21 : workshop on herbal tea plants and their medicinal properties (in Romanian language + possible intervention in French / English)
  • From July 5 to 12:  pioneer camp from Belgium
  • From July 18 to 19: summer claca – haymaking
  • From August 24 to September 5: Certificated Permaculture Design Course with Mark Shiperlee and Tudor Petrutiu (in English)

Fall 2020:

  • Workshop weekend about natural cosmetics and preparations based on medicinal plants (in Romanian language + English translation possible) – to be confirmed
  • Course about Forest garden (in Romanian language) – to be confirmed
  • From October 3 to 4: fall claca – fruit harvesting and tree planting

The details and modalities of each event will be communicated as soon as possible.

Some of those events will take place only if we reach a sufficient number of participants.