The place: geographic location and infrastructure

The land

Approximately 90 km from Cluj-Napoca, 15 km from Beclean (the nearest town) and 2 km from the village of Malin (500 inhabitants), the Ermitaj is located on the Transylvanian plain, at the foot of the Carpathians, in a landscape of hills and valleys, alternating forests, flowering meadows, fields and pastures.

The people of the village refer to this place as “Acolo pe vale”: “Over there in the valley”.

The farm is at the end of a path that you will have to walk. This fifteen minutes’ walk will be a perfect transition to a place of rest and calm that we want to preserve.


The site, about 8 hectares, is made up of young forests, pastures, meadows and orchards. It is crossed by two streams, one of them supplying our small pond.

At the heart of the valley, the land extends mainly on an East-South East slope (between 320 and 420m of altitude).

Being relatively isolated, the Ermitaj is “off-grid”: no water or electricity from the village, we live independently with our wells, rainwater reserves, and our solar panels.

In winter, we warm ourselves with the wood of our forest.

Our closest neighbors are the cows, who graze in the meadow in the warm season!! 

The surroundings

This rural area is well alive: in summertime, you can meet peasants with their families working in the hay fields, horses pulling carriages, trailers with hives, meadows looking like a painting by Monet, or a frog concert in the evening.

Whether you want to wander around Malin to meet villagers, make purchases or have a drink in one of the small “mixed shops”, or if you prefer the calm and solitude of a long walk in the surrounding hills and forests … you will find your happiness!

  • The “big house”: with our cellar, the rooms of residents, a dormitory upstairs (10 beds), and a common bathroom.
  • The “kitchen”: the common living space, with a dining room and a large covered terrace.
  • The “barn”, 200m²: on one side live our donkeys, on the other is a large workshop, and between them a polyvalent covered area (55m²).
  • Tipi: depending on the occasion, you can sleep, meditate, talk … or party!
  • The “red house”: in ruins, it currently serves as a place of storage.
  • The camping areas: the land is full of small green, shady and peaceful places where it is possible to set up your tent(s).
  • Solar shower outside, and of course, a dry toilet with panoramic view!

But also: a henhouse, a bread oven, a pond, … not to mention our large garden.


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