Call for donations for helping and hosting Ukrainian refugees at Ermitaj

Ermitaj responded to the call of GEN – Global Ecovillage Network – to help people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Cantemir, current resident at Ermitaj, is the main contact in Romania for refugees from Ukraine that are also members of GEN

Given the alarming situation and the constant influx of refugees in Romania, we have decided to open our doors at Ermitaj in order to accommodate refugees in transit.

At the moment, we are housing three mothers and seven children coming from Harkov, and more are on their way. We expect to have a constant flux of refugees in the coming weeks, maybe months since we are close to the border. We ask for your help, financially or in any other way. Our needs are mainly for food, but also with medicine and clothes.

In the present moment, every category of Ukrainian refugees is vulnerable, since their national currency has greatly depreciated, and those who do not have foreign currency are left with almost nothing.

How to help us?

  • From Belgium: make a donation on the account of our association

Ermitaj Pe Vale ASBL – IBAN: BE 34 5230 8094 8090 (Triodos bank)
Communication: “help Ukraine” if you want your donations to be used only for the reception and assistance of Ukrainian refugees, or “donation for Ermitaj” if you want the money to be used to develop our projects and infrastructures abroad. ‘Hermitaj more generally.

The money will be used as a priority for the purchase of basic necessities: food, medicines, personal hygiene equipment, second-hand clothes,…

If the amount collected allows us, we will install a small wood stove in a room of the big house, allowing us to increase our housing capacity.

If the money raised exceeds our needs, the rest will be used for solidarity projects, at Ermitaj or elsewhere, depending on the evolution of the situation. In any case, we guarantee full transparency regarding the use of these funds.

  • From Romania: any material help is welcome!

Food, medicine, toilet or hygiene equipment, clothing, children’s games, sawdust for the dry toilets… If you have a wood stove to give away or resell at a low price, or to know the needs of the moment, do not hesitate to contact us! A financial donation is of course also possible.

Thank you for sharing this call around you.

We will keep you informed of the evolution of the situation.

In advance, a huge THANK YOU for your trust and support!

Ermitaj’s team

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