Becoming a member of “Ermitaj Pe Vale” association

Would you like to support us by becoming a member of our non-profit association?

For that, you just need to:

  • send us an email with your details to
  • send us your annual fee of 15 €
    Either in cash during your visit to Ermitaj
    Either by payment, on the bank account of the association (communication: Your name + “2018 subscription”)

Ermitaj Pe Vale ASBL
Rue des Croisiers 42B – 7500Tournai
IBAN: BE 34 5230 8094 8090
Triodos Bank (Rue Haute 139/3 – 1000 Brussels)

This does not commit you to anything, you are free to renew or not your membership each year.

You will receive information related to the General Assembly of the association, and will be kept informed of our activities.

This money will also allow us to take out an insurance policy for all the people active on the site: residents, volunteers and participants to our activities.

By this contribution, you allow us to ensure our independence and the sustainability of our project. This is of great importance, and we thank you in advance!


* We think money should not be a barrier! If paying this amount of 15euro is problematic, but you still want to be a member of the association, do not hesitate to let us know, and we will consider the solutions together.

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